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If you want your business to stand out in the fast pace world of marketing, you need to think big. You need something visible and eye-catching, with a cohesive message across every sign. Whitfield Signs Co. can provide all those things with the best signage and branding experience for all our customers. As a turnkey sign-design company, we help you through each step of designing your business signage. Whether you are in the market for commercial signage, custom fabrication, or even collegiate branding, the experts at WS Co. have you covered.

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Architectural Signage

An architectural sign is a prominent and evocative way to complement, integrate, and enhance the architectural design of the building. Offered as indoor and outdoor signs, these serve as the first impression for your business. It’s a perfect way to liven up a space and draw the eye of passersby.

Commercial Signage

Custom business signs for retail spaces are the best way to increase visibility and customer acquisition. Retail spaces have unique business requirements, enable frequent tenant change, and create high visibility. A business’s custom signs must meet those needs. We offer many sign options to match your brand and give the right first impression.

ADA Signage

The A.D.A. requires all businesses have informative signage that directs individuals to functional spaces or accessible features of the facility. These signs must comply with a specific set of rules. Whitfield Signs Co. can assist in designing these signs to meet A.D.A. requirements.

Collegiate Branding

For universities attempting to build a cohesive brand around their sports team, collegiate branding can bring recognition from recruiters, fans, and sponsors. Whitfield Signs can create strategies to promote a university’s sports teams, develop a brand, and advertise athletic goals that make a striking look that has the sports world turning its eyes on your team.

Custom Fabrication

While signs are Whitfield’s specialty in fabrication, if you can dream it, Whitfield’s talented team of designers and craftsmen can fabricate them. From classroom dinosaurs to life-size water towers, whatever your may need, Whitfields will provide the highest quality guaranteed.

Digital Signage

There’s no reason to stick solely with static signs in the digital age. A giant moving image with visually striking graphics can grab an audience’s attention better than any simple wooden sign. These signs come with the added benefit of easily refreshed and updated messaging, which allows your audience to know the message is up to date. Digital signs are perfect for commercial and architectural establishments.

Interior Signage

When a business wants to express its message and make an impact on its clients, interior signage is your best option. A sleek, efficient design can improve employee morale and bring new eyes to your business. These signs can promote or redefine your built environment’s look, feel, meaning, and purpose. Beyond that, they can convey necessary information to your clients and employees.

Vehicle and Trailer Wraps

Vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps allow you the opportunity to showcase your brand or promote your sponsors with a constant advertisement on wheels sure to catch the attention of any passerby – and for a one-time cost.


A sleek vinyl business sign can bring personality to the side of a building, a fleet, or a personal vehicle. For Whitfield signs, Vinyl is a crucial component of our production processes. Vinyl is durable and long-lasting, promising that your advertisement will stay in your customers’ minds and on your walls.

Tractor Trailer Wraps

Because of their size, tractor-trailer wraps are the most eye-catching advertising out there on the road today. While a project of this magnitude can seem costly and confusing, our team at WS Co is ready to simplify the process and handle your tractor trailer wraps from start to finish.

Fleet Rebranding

Are you ready for a rebrand? Or are you just ready to refresh? As a turn-key sign-design and vehicle wrap provider, Whitfield Signs is ready to handle your fleet vehicle graphics from conception to installation.

Fleet Vehicle Wraps

When a business needs to provide its fleet of vehicles with uniformed advertising, Whitfield Signs has what it takes to make this project as easy as possible. No matter the size of your fleet or its vehicles, WS Co can promote your business no matter where your drivers are.

Fleet Branding

Fleet branding gives your company vehicles not only important information for potential customers but also establishes a clean, structured, and uniform look for your business. This type of branding is a great way to promote your business’s name, key message, and contact details.

Custom Vehicle Wraps

Custom vehicle wraps outperform painting options for better quality, lower cost, and several more design options.