Gnats Landing


  • Commercial Signage,
  • Digital Signage

We were so excited when Gnat’s Landing in Statesboro, Georgia reached out for help with their primary business signage. What came from this partnership was nothing short of a good time. The new custom-made monument with routed panels created a rustic, wooden finish to align with the coastal living theme, appealing to locals looking for a relaxed environment. In addition, the halo-lit layered letters and LED board showcase daily specials, live music, and events, attracting customers and visitors.   With the fun new signage, we helped Gnat's Landing establish itself as a destination for good ole' American fare. The signage serves as a menu of sorts, showcasing the offerings and small-town traditions, enticing customers to indulge in their favorite dishes. It creates a welcoming atmosphere for locals, ensuring they can enjoy “The Blue Mile” experience while relishing delicious food and coastal traditions.